Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches

Now this may be the most notorious recipe in the country, but not necessarily the same directions.  I for one and sick and tired of losing my bacon out the back of my BLT.  By weaving the bacon together in one large square, it creates a flat solid panel of meat.  So, when you cut it into four smaller squares, you get a perfect sheet of bacon that stays put.  Not to mention that it cuts down the time for the preparation.  You only have to do one batch of bacon instead of a few pieces at a time.  I am also a fan for that reason.  And, remember when you are making a recipe that calls for very few ingredients, you always want to use the freshest one's available to you.  Notice how the lettuce seems greener and fluffier than iceberg or Romain,that's because it's Hydroponic Lettuce-grown in water instead of dirt!  Not only does it give a great presentation, it makes the sandwich taste fresh and amazing.

1 pkg. of bacon (I only use Oscar Meyer-I love it)
1 head of lettuce (again I used Hydroponic Lettuce-if I can find it at Berkots, then it must be everywhere)
2 medium-large ripe red beefeater tomatoes (sliced)
real mayonnaise
toasted bread

-Weave bacon together by laying strips across your skillet in one direction, then lift and tuck bacon in the opposite direction.  You should end up with a large woven square.  Cook on medium-high heat trying to turn only once (I used 2 wooden spatulas to flip it-not too bad I was a little scared).  Once bacon sheet is nice and crispy, remove from skillet and plate.  With a long knife, cut the bacon into four equal squares.  Assemble sandwich with a slather of mayo on each inner side of the toast and top with lettuce, tomato and your bacon square.  No more lost bacon!  Serves 4.  Enjoy!