Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Floured and Fried Bacon

The last recipe that I ever thought that I would write would be one on how to fry bacon.   But, well I just couldn't help myself from sharing this little technique with others.  This is definitely how to do it, if you are frying up some bacon for breakfast.  The flour coating actually melts into the bacon and kind of 'plumps' it up and also keeps it from shrinking as much as it does regularly.  This bacon looks almost as great as it tastes.

1 lb. average sliced bacon of choice
1/4 cup of all-purpose flour

-Spread flour out evenly on a large dinner plate and place next to your hot griddle.  Dredge each piece of bacon through the flour, on both sides, and fry on just about high heat for about 3-4 minutes on the first side.  Make sure to watch it and flip it only once when the bottom has become golden brown.  The second side only takes a minute or so to brown.  Serves 4-6.  Enjoy!

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