Saturday, May 14, 2011

Taco Salad

I have been making this since before I can remember when.  I always figured that it was just easier this way, since you end up scrapping up all the goodies with a fork anyway when you're eating tacos.  So, I just put it all into a bowl and called it a salad.  Works for me.  And, I bet it will work for you too.  It's just delicious.

1 lb. of 80/20 ground beef
2/3 cup of water
1 pkg. of taco seasoning
4 cups of tortilla chips (crushed)
shredded mild cheddar cheese
1 large tomato (diced)
2 slices of red onion (diced)
3-4 cups of iceberg lettuce (chopped)
pickled jalapenos (diced-I my own pickled jalapeno from my Jalapeno Dill Pickles)
sour cream

-In a large skillet, prepare the beef as directed on the back of the seasoning package.  Amongst four bowls, layer the ingredients as followed:  3/4 cup of crushed chips, 1/2 cup of ground beef, a handful of cheese, some tomatoes, a little red onion, a fistful of lettuce, a pinch of jalapenos and a dollop of sour cream.  Serves 4.  Enjoy!

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