Friday, April 13, 2012

Party Punch

This is it for me.  Every childhood party memory tastes like this punch in my mind.  From birthday parties to cookouts, everywhere we went, if there was punch, there was this.  Or at least a slight variation of this kind of a punch.  Some soda, fruit punch and sherbert.  A practically perfect in every way combination if you ask me, or my children, or anyone else in our family.  It was the last thing to be brought out to our Easter feast this year and it was the very first thing that we ran out of.  It is always a crowd pleaser and always a crowd 'wower'.  And I absolutely love it just as much now as I did back then.  Maybe even more with a bottle of coconut rum off to the side ;)

1- 2 liter of sprite
1- 2-liter of Hawaiian Fruit Punch
1 gallon of orange sherbert
1 gallon of raspberry sherbert

-Pour the soda and the fruit punch into a punch bowl or if you are like me and do not have one, a large mixing bowl.  Then just scoop in about 1/2 of the sherbert from each container (you can also use rainbow sherbert or any other flavor as well, this is just what my Paige chose for us to use).  Reserve the remaining sherbert in your freezer to add in as it melts (that way your punch is chilled throughout the party and the first cup is just as good as the last).  Serves many.  Enjoy!

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  1. my mom would also add maraschino cherries. and for adult version a bottle of boons farm wine.